Unique & Exclusive Boudoir Photo Shoot in a Luxury French Castle

For those who know what exclusivity really means…

by Gloria Villa, Paris photographer

Set in the sweeping, vibrant green landscape of the beautiful Loire Valley in France, you’ll find the stunning castle known as the “Château de Challain” – the fairytale venue of our unique and exclusive boudoir photo shoot, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This limited photo shoot opportunity (there are only 5 booking spots available) is an all-inclusive event with one pure aim – to make you look and feel wonderfully sexy and sensual, and without appearing vulgar or cheap in any way. 

In such a fairytale setting as the château, you really will look like a million bucks, and always tasteful and always elegant

If you value exclusivity, and prefer things out of the ordinary, yet classically original at the same time, this is simply perfect for you, especially if you’re willing to treat yourself to a truly unforgettable and unique experience that you know you deserve.

The fine art, high-end intimate boudoir images that we create together will deeply reflect your undoubted true worth and value.




beautiful girl posing in the garden during her portrait and boudoir photography session in the chateau challain

Did you know that the Loire Valley in France is renowned for its majestic and prolific vineyards, and the expansive range of world famous superb dry white wines these vineyards produce every year?

Celebrate the Woman You Are

Exploring, understanding and celebrating your seductive, sensual side can only truly happen in a place where you feel safe and secure, in a relaxing ambience that’s devoid of judgment, but one of pure comfort and sisterhood.

An exclusive boudoir photo shoot, set in one of the most majestic castles in France, with one of the finest, most talented and sought after female photographers from Paris is a wonderfully unique way to do this.

Appreciating and celebrating who we are, what we have accomplished, and to accept and love our bodies for what they are and how they look is one of the best gifts we could possibly grant ourselves.

Unfortunately, as women, we all too often fall into the trap of constantly judging ourselves, comparing our bodies and our look to an anonymous and unrealistic image on a screen.

Yes, we all have our insecurities about our body image. However, it’s simply part of being human, and, of course, it’s all in the mind, and often overthought. It’s a proven fact that how we view ourselves and how others look at us are, in reality, poles apart

As women, we never stop moving, adapting and creating. It can, therefore, be a life-affirming experience to step out of your comfort zone and be truly adventurous, to teach you unknown things about yourself, and to help you grow further as both a woman and a person.

Put simply, it’s time to celebrate and embrace the real “you.” 

An exclusive boudoir photo shoot is one of the most positive and powerful ways of challenging your own ideas and perceptions of yourself, and who you really believe yourself to be.



If you want a photographer who is professional, friendly, chilled, fun and able to make you relax and enjoy the moment, and actually have a conversation with you; then Gloria is your girl! You will not be disappointed. So when you’re next in Paris, get in contact with her, because she is the best in the biz!”- Emily Solan

Her work is beyond photography, it is truly art… the true meaning of the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.”_- Pao Ech

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Your Château Boudoir Photo Shoot: All You Need To Know

When I first began to look seriously at the world of boudoir photography for myself, I remember I wanted something truly glamorous. Sadly, I just couldn’t find anything that spoke to me.

All the offers out there seemed either vulgar or cheap, and, like many women, that was easily my biggest fear! This is the exact reason why I created this ultimate experience – and made it an experience I would have wanted for myself

beautiful girl posing in bed during her portrait and exclusive boudoir photo shoot at chateau challain

Now, I’m offering it to a small, select group of very lucky women. I want to keep it completely exclusive in order to direct all my attention and all my focus to each woman individually.

Your Itinerary: Château Boudoir Photo Shoot

Please remember, there will only be 5 (five) spots available from September 26th to September 30th, 2022 – this is a limited and exclusive experience. Book now to avoid any disappointment!

  1. You will be spending one night with your partner or best friend in one of the most beautiful and magical castles in France – the Château de Challain!
  2. You will be provided with transportation from your hotel or apartment in Paris directly o the castle, as well as transportation back the next day after your photoshoot.
  3. You will be provided with a gourmet evening dinner, breakfast, coffee, tea and soft drinks during your stay in the castle.
  4. Your hair and makeup will be professionally styled by one of the most sought after hair and makeup artists from Paris.
  5. You will enjoy 3 hours of professional photo shoot during the morning (when we will have the best light). We will take portrait shots around the magnificent grounds of the castle, and then your intimate boudoir photos in several of the Château’s sumptuous rooms, highlighting its amazing decor as our background.
  6.  40 fine art, high resolution digital files of your photos.
  7. 10” x 10” luxury wooden photograph album.




Our Venue: The “Château de Challain,” Loire Valley, France

Over the past year or so, I have searched high and low across the charming French countryside for the perfect venue, and, thankfully, I have now found exactly what I was looking for – the most magical French castle, set in the middle of France’s beautiful Loire Valley – to host this exclusive boudoir photoshoot.

Did you know that the word “château” in French is actually “castle” and nothing like the winter lodge-type châteaus that sit on Swiss mountain sides?

The Romantic History of The Château

beautiful girl posing in the garden during her portrait and exclusive boudoir photo shoot at chateau challain

The Château de Challain has a wonderfully unique history, deeply infused with love and romance, and set over many centuries.

It begins with one Louise-Ida de La Potherie, and the love she shared with her future husband, Le comte de La Rochefoucauld-Bayers. After they married, the couple sought to make a refuge for themselves in her ancestral home.

Together, they set about building a sanctuary to the turbulent times they were living in – and a home that would be a testament of their love for many generations to come.

This is how this majestic castle – the Château de Challain – came to be, started in 1847 and designed by the renowned Parisian architect Louis Visconti.

The Château’s design is truly unique – to commemorate the passing of time.Its 4 towers represent the seasons, 12 turrets represent the lunar months, 26 spiral staircases represent the fortnights per year, 52 fireplaces represent the weeks of the year, and 365 windows to represent each passing day

Being the most sought after boudoir photographer in Paris has allowed me to connect with many truly amazing women from all over the world. They each travel from different countries around the globe to experience their boudoir photoshoot – with me as their photographer.

I have now decided to take my ideas and my experience in Paris one step further forward by creating this exclusive photographic experience, with strictly limited spots to ensure a unique and personalized adventure – designed to give each woman the full attention they truly deserve. 

by Gloria Villa, Paris photographer


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