Beautiful woman walking in front of the Eiffel Tower in a black dress during her portrait and boudoir photoshoot in Paris



• 1. How long does your photoshoot takes?

It really depends on your needs and preferred collection. If you only want a boudoir shoot, it will take around 1 hour. But if you prefer a more comprehensive experience with portraits in Paris and boudoir at my studio (which most of my clients prefer), then it will take between 2 to 3 hours. Please check the link to the collections for more details.

• 2. How many pictures will I receive?

Please visit the "investment" tab on the menu bar to see all the value-added details of my collections, everything is explained there

• 3. Can I choose my pictures or will you choose them for me?

One of the best things about working with me is that you get to pick your favourite photos. I believe that nobody knows you better than yourself, which is why I give you the freedom to choose the images that you love the most.

After our photoshoot, we'll get together for a cozy "tea party" (reveal session) where I'll treat you to some of the finest teas in the city and show you your pictures for the first time. During this special event, I'll help you choose your favorite images included in your collection, and you also have the option to purchase additional photos, prints, or albums to keep those memories close for a lifetime.

• 4. Will the pictures be good enough to be printed?

Of course! You will get:
Beautifully pictures in JPG format
Fine art style edited images
No watermarks
High resolution
And they will be ready to print

• 5. Why to do Portrait + boudoir, instead of just boudoir?

Most of my clients opt for this option, and I recommend it to you because:

1. You'll have portraits of yourself in cute Parisian corners, cafes, and landmarks.
2. While anyone can have a boudoir shoot in a nice hotel room anywhere in the world, having portraits in Paris along with your intimate photos is a fantastic combination.
3. You will get used to being in front of the camera during the portrait session in the city. Thus, you'll feel a lot more relaxed, and during the boudoir photoshoot at the studio, you will feel at ease as we have already established that special bond.
4. You'll have great photos of yourself in Paris to share on your social media and decide if you want to publish or keep private the boudoir photos.
5. Your portraits in the city will look amazingly cool next to your intimate boudoir photos in the album.

• 6. What should I wear for my boudoir shoot?

Lace, lot’s of it!!! I love robes, fabric and lingerie
Bra and panties set
Garter belts
Harnesses to go along with your lingerie
Stockings (with or without clips for the garter belts)
Corsets, especially if you have a curvaceous body The corset will help you emphasize and
make your waist stand out – it is an accessory that will make you look incredible
Body suits
Robes – either silk, lace or transparent, they are a great accompaniment to your photos
High heels

Buy lingerie that makes you feel extraordinary. How great you feel is the best starting point to achieve a session that exceeds all expectations. Lace lingerie with transparencies is an amazing tool for boudoir photography sessions.
I will have lingerie that you can purchase in my Parisian Studio as well to complete your look. I have AMAZING products, carefully curated. Trust me, I know what looks great in pictures.

Beautiful woman walking in front of the Parisian building in a flowery dress during her portrait and boudoir photoshoot in Paris


Is not everyday you’re in Paris, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity

• 7. I don’t want my photos published, do I have the right to keep them private.

Absolutely, your privacy is very important to me. I will only publish photos with your written authorization.

• 8. Can I have the RAW files?

I only deliver beautifully finished images and do not provide RAW files as they are unfinished products.

• 9. I am not a model. Will you tell me how to pose?

You have nothing to worry about. Directing my clients during their boudoir photoshoot is one of my strengths. I will guide you through the process, helping you to achieve the most seductive poses while accentuating your best features. My goal is for you to relax, have a memorable experience, and simply be yourself.

• 10. I’m older than... Not as thin as... Not as t as... Can I still do a boudoir shoot for myself?

Please don’t compare yourself with others, this experience is about celebrating who you are here and now. You don’t need to wait until you loose X amount of pounds, get fit at the gym or any other excuse that comes to mind.

My Paris boudoir experiences is a safe, judgement - free space for you to indulge with self-love and Parisian glamour.

• 11. How long after the photoshoot will it take to receive my pictures?

It will take me between 4 to 6 weeks to edit the photos. I want to ensure that they are of high quality and treated to the standards you deserve, with care and attention to detail.

• 12. Can I buy more photos than the ones included with the original collections?

Sure, in my investment tab, you'll find all the information. In fact, most of my clients do purchase additional photos during their tea party (reveal session).

gorgeous girl laying in lingerie on a bed with a flower wall during her boudoir photography session in Paris


I need this in my life!

• 13. What happens if I’m late?

The time lost due to any delays will not be compensated. Very often, I have several appointments right after each session, so I cannot extend the session time.

• 14. Do you offer prints and albums?

Absolutely, most of my clients opt for them!

I offer handcrafted fine art albums and archival prints. It's only when you see and feel the images in print that you can fully appreciate the beauty and cherish those memories with your loved ones. There's something truly magical about that experience.

• 15. Can I make layout changes to my album design?

Yes, you have up to 2 sets of layout changes with you album, after which each additional change will be charged at 25 Euros.

• 16. What happens if it rains?

It rarely rains for long in Paris, but if it does, we'll use stylish umbrellas and relocate to covered spots. Some of my most stunning photos have been taken in the rain as locations are less crowded and puddles offer opportunities for creating reflections.

• 17. What’s your refund policy?

The payment is used to secure your date, which means I have to turn away clients to honor our agreement, therefore the retainer is not refundable.

• 18. Can I reschedule?

I have a busy schedule, and while I do my best to accommodate all requests, I cannot always guarantee that it will be possible. My clients often book me several months in advance, and my calendar tends to fill up quickly. Nevertheless, I will do my best to make it happen for you.

• 19. What should I wear for my portrait shoot?

A timeless and classic outfit choice is a great way to ensure that you will love your photos for years to come. Light colors for nighttime and darker tones for morning is a great tip to make sure you stand out in the photos. Avoiding distracting patterns is also a great way to ensure the focus is on you, not your clothes.
Send me and email and I'll send you back my guide on What to wear for your Paris photoshoot. My email is:

• 20. How will you deliver the photos?

I'll create an online proofing gallery to deliver your digital pictures, and you will be able to order additional prints and albums directly from there. I work with the top photography labs in the US, Australia and Europe, depending on where you are based, to ensure that your prints and albums are of the highest quality and are shipped directly to your home.

• 21. At what time will we start shooting?

Please disregard the time you see on the booking platform calendar as it may not be accurate. The default starting time is 8:00 AM Parisian time, but that is subject to change depending on the season and lighting conditions.

For example, during the summer, the days are longer and the sun rises earlier, which means we can start shooting earlier in the morning. In contrast, during the winter, the days are shorter, so we may start shooting later in the morning.

Generally, I like to start the portrait part of the session at sunrise because that's when we'll have the best quality of light and fewer people in the background, which is what my clients usually prefer. So don't worry too much about the specific time you see on the booking platform, as we'll work together to find the best time for your shoot based on the season and lighting conditions.

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