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How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photography Session

Here’s how to successfully prepare and look your wonderfully seductive best prior to your boudoir photography session in beautiful and inspirational Paris.


How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photography Session

I am an art work in constant progress; I am my own canvas, my own colors, my own brushes and my own inspiration.”

– Efrat Cybulkiewicz, Artist & Photographer, Europe & Latin America

The experience of your boudoir photoshoot is truly something not to be rushed, and Paris is one city where life moves along happily enough at whatever pace suits you. A gentle stroll around the fashionable, boutique-filled streets of rue Saint-Honoré, the Champs-Élysées and avenue Montaigne provides you with more than a glimpse of the style and culture that exudes from every corner of this remarkable and inspiring place, a place I now proudly call home.

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You will have, no doubt, many questions about everything involved with a Paris boudoir photoshoot, and I hope you will find many of those answers here, within my blog. Many clients, if not all, ask about what they need to do to prepare properly for their boudoir photography session.

Because the boudoir photography experience is uniquely yours, with your personal preferences more important than the photographic decisions and choices I will make during the shoot, your preparation is as unique to you as the final beautiful prints that will result from our time together.

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However, there are certain aspects of your preparation that are common to any woman choosing a boudoir photoshoot, and it is these important elements I wish to share with you here:

    • Hydrate:

Drink lots of water during the week before your boudoir photography session, so your skin looks smooth and soft.

    • Lingerie:

Buy your lingerie carefully and with enough time; this way, you will be able to try it on several times before your session, so, if necessary, you will be able to make any minor changes. Paris is blessed with world-famous labels and designs – if you choose to purchase your lingerie here (as many clients do), please don’t do it at the last minute. In case of any issues, I also keep a range of amazing products at my Paris studio for you to purchase.


    • Hair Removal:

Remove any unwanted body hair. If you wax, please do it 3 or 4 days before your session to avoid any skin reddening or irritation.

    • Manicure / Pedicure:

Endeavour to have your nails done properly (painted or natural). Honestly, a professional manicure and pedicure is best.


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    • Hair Styling & Make-up:

It’s highly recommended that you hire someone for your boudoir photoshoot who will ensure a professional and stylish look to your hair and make-up. In addition, it is exceptionally beneficial to have a beauty expert like one of these on hand to offer advice and with a “different eye” to your overall appearance and look.

I can happily supply you with my recommendation list of the finest professionals currently working here in Paris in these respective fields, so you can make your own enquiries and arrangements directly with them. If that sounds like a little too much organizing to you, do not worry. I have you covered. In my most valuable collection, this is actually all done for you! So all you need to concentrate on is simply looking your most fabulous self on the day.

    • Loose Clothing:

Before and during the session, wear comfortable, loose clothes to avoid any marks or impressions on your skin that could take hours to disappear.

    • Sleep:

The night before, try to sleep well. With a good night’s sleep, your eyes look at their absolute best.


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Lastly, prepare yourself to have fun. Your boudoir photography session should be an utterly unique, inspiring and fun experience for you; indeed, it will be one of the best experiences of your lifetime. Let’s make that happen.

If you have any other questions about the preparation for your boudoir photography session, or you wish to ask about something else entirely, no problem – please feel free to connect with me.

– Gloria Villa

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You deserve it!

Live the ultimate Boudoir Parisian Experience. Embrace all the fun, sexiness and  glamour Paris has to offer!

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